New Friends & cellar 新しいお友達と携帯♪

Ahmet and Takeshi, thank you for chatting with me for a loong time ! It was really nice to talk to both of you~


And this is my new cellar !! Finally I can play online Mahjong without automatically reboot!!!

と、ついに新携帯!!これで勝手に再起動なしに麻雀がやっと出来ます!麻雀フレンドのえいちゃん、お待たせ!Ei_chan , jouer Yakuman avec moi!!!!


I will go to Utsunomiya_city tomorrow for some errands. I will drop by a pool hall in Utsunomiya for few hours to practice 3 cushion .I hope I can make new 3 cushion friends tomorrow too!!!!

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